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Setting Up Schedules

Welcome to the AllMed PM online manual! In this guide, we will assist you in setting up your patient schedule.

  1. Getting Started: Start by navigating to the top menu bar and click on 'Setup'. Scroll down and select 'Schedules'. A dropdown menu with three options will appear: 'Options', 'Provider Timetable', and 'Holiday'. Let's begin with 'Holiday'.
  2. Setting up Holidays: It's easy to set holidays in the system. Dates that are bold indicate designated holidays. To mark a day as a holiday, click on the date and input the holiday's name. Repeat this process until you've noted all your holidays for the year, then close the window.
  3. Setting up Default Schedules: Navigate back to 'Setup' and again choose 'Schedules'. This time, click on 'Options'. Here, you'll configure your default schedule applicable to all providers.
    • You may have multiple providers, each with their own unique schedules. By default, these schedules will follow the office timetable you're about to set up.
    • In the first section, choose your working days, the first day of the week, and your time blocks. Note that there are seven different time blocks available for configuration.
    • If your appointments vary in length, always select the shortest duration you use. Extending a time block is easier than reducing one.
    • In this 'Options' section, you can also set your break times. If your practice operates on holidays, ensure to mark these. Choose a specific color for your break times for clarity.
  4. Appointment Color-Coding: In All Med PM, you have the option to color-code your appointments. For instance, you can assign yellow to first visits and green for follow-ups. This feature allows you to quickly understand your schedule at a glance.

Remember to click 'Save' after inputting this information.

  1. Adjusting Provider Timetable: Return to 'Setup', select 'Schedules' and choose 'Provider Timetable'. This feature allows you to adjust individual provider schedules if they vary from the default or require occasional adjustments.
    • For instance, if you need to modify a Wednesday to be a half-day, select the day and click 'Adjust Day'. You also have the option to adjust the entire week or even copy and extend a monthly schedule.
    • If another provider has a similar timetable, you can copy it and make any necessary modifications.
  2. Adding Rooms: If your practice tends to see multiple patients at once, you can add rooms for double bookings. Click 'Add Room', give it a name, and it'll appear on your schedule.

And voila! You've successfully set up your patient schedule. Thank you for using this tutorial.