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Auto Copay Feature

Welcome to the AllMed PM Online Manual. Today's guide will help you understand and implement the Auto Copay feature in your daily operations. If your healthcare facility or the medical provider you're assisting generally collects copayments during patient visits, activating this feature may significantly enhance your process.

The Auto Copay functionality streamlines the claims filing process. Upon filing a claim, you can simply click and save, prompting the system to automatically register that a copay was collected in the payments and adjustments section. However, occasions may arise where the copay isn't collected. This scenario isn't unusual and can be comfortably accommodated within the system.

Activating the Auto Copay Feature

Let's walk you through how to enable the Auto Copay feature:

  1. Navigate to the 'system' option on the main toolbar.
  2. Go to the 'options' subcategory within the system menu.
  3. Here, select the 'data' tab.
  4. Make sure that both the 'claims' and 'auto copay' options are enabled.
  5. Click on 'save' to apply the changes.

Using the Auto Copay Feature

Once you have activated the feature, using it is quite straightforward and intuitive. Let's illustrate this with an example:

  1. Select the patient from your database who owes a copay. For example, let's consider a patient named Michael who owes a $25 copay.
  2. Choose to 'add a claim' for this patient.
  3. You'll notice a prompt at the bottom of the screen indicating that a copay of $25 has been received.
  4. If the copay was not paid, you can easily remove this record.
  5. In situations where the patient has a credit balance, you can record that the copay was paid from this credit or simply choose not to.
  6. Afterward, when you go ahead to file the claim, you can select any relevant option.
  7. Once you navigate to 'payments and adjustments,' you'll see that a copay has been automatically added.

And that's all there is to it. The Auto Copay feature is designed to make your billing process as efficient as possible.

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