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HIPAA mandates that each user accessing Patient data have a unique user name and a password assigned to them. In order to remain HIPAA compliant, you must delete the default user name and password and select both a user name and password that is unique to each individual that will have access to the program and its data.

The first user to be entered will be for the Program Administrator (in a small office, this may very well be yourself). The Program Administrator (known as the "Super User") will have all the necessary rights to create and delete users as well as to grant certain privileges to certain users individually. They can also assist users in getting resetting user names and passwords when forgotten by the user.

  1. From the Top Navigational Menu, select "Security", then "Users". Left click to on the word "Demo" (originally set as the default master account) to highlight it, and then click on the "Edit" button to open the new window"Edit User Info and Rights".
  2. Enter the user’s Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name in the fields provided.
  3. Have the user select a User name and Password that only they will know and have them enter it in the fields provided.
  4. Select each of the settings that will apply to the user from the available boxes.
  5. For Program Administrators, click both “Super User” and “Access Security”.
  6. For all other users, select the box next to each access option applicable to them. Access to Security: Ability to Add Data, Delete Data, or Edit Data on all records, Run Reports, and can add, delete, or lock another person out of the software entirely. This option is only modifiable by users who have been given“Super User” status.
  7. Available Providers: For each user, choose the name of the provider that the user will be allowed access to the provider’s data and their Patient’s data. Program Administrators should be given access to “All Providers”.
  8. Click “Save” when done.