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Electronic Billing

Setting Up Electronic Billing in AllMed PM

1. Getting Started with Clearinghouse Setup

Start by launching your All Med PM software. Navigate to the 'Setup' option in the top menu, from where you will need to select 'Clearinghouse'.

2. Adding Clearinghouse Details

Upon selection, you'll see an 'Add' button. Clicking on this button will open a form where you'll be asked to fill in several fields.

In the 'Code' field, you can enter any details you prefer—this acts as a shortcut key. The 'URL' field should contain the website where you usually log into your clearing house. This is so that the system can automatically take you to that website when you're sending claims.

Note: When using the software for the first time, your clearinghouse may ask for some test data. If that's the case, choose 'Test Data' from the 'Type' dropdown. Don't forget to switch this back to 'Production Data' once your testing phase is complete.

3. Configuring Insurance Settings

Next, go back to 'Setup', but this time select 'Insurance'. You'll need to get a list of all payers with their payer IDs from your clearing house, usually provided on their website, and enter these details here.

For each payer, ensure you input the correct 'Payer ID' and select 'Electronic' under 'Type of Billing'. Then, choose the clearing house you've just set up.

In the event of any rejections, check your options—these are your electronic billing options for each clearing house or insurance company.

When all fields are filled out, click 'Save'.

4. Entering Patient Data and Filing Claims

With the settings in place, you can now enter patient details and assign them an electronic billing insurance company.

Filing a claim is as straightforward as doing so with paper claims. To file, select 'Repeat Claim' and fill in the necessary details, then click 'Save'.

5. Sending Claims Electronically

When you're ready to send the day's claims electronically, go to the sidebar and select 'Electronic'. Under 'Bill Criteria', you can choose which claims to send, select your provider, and then choose your clearing house.

Next, click 'Search', followed by 'Check All', and name the claims. Save this selection.

6. Clearing House Login

Finally, click on the button that will take you to the clearing house login page. With that, you've successfully set up and managed electronic billing in AllMed PM!