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AllMed PM offers a comprehensive collection of ICD-10 codes. To import codes on the Procedure lookup form, simply click the Import button and select the desired codes.

To initiate the setup process, navigate to the Top Navigational Menu and select Set Up, then Procedure.

Enter the actual CPT (or HCPCS) code number in the Code field. Please note that once entered in this setup, the Procedure Code itself cannot be edited. However, you can modify its description and other related fields. If the Procedure Code was entered incorrectly or has been updated in the current version of the CPT Code Book, you will need to create a new Procedure Code entry.

If this Procedure (or HCPCS) Code always requires a Modifier Code, select one from the drop-down menu in the Modifiers Defaults fields. For details on creating a Modifier Code, please refer to the section titled SET UP - Modifiers.

To create a shortcut for this code, enter a value in the S-Cut field. Shortcuts are particularly useful when billing different insurers varying amounts for the same service rendered with duplicates of the same code. Note that the shortcut will not appear on the claim form or the patient's statement; only the represented CPT code will be visible.

Note: You can add up to 3 characters (alpha or numeric) in front of the Procedure Code to create a shortcut. When entering charges on a claim, type the entire shortcut in the Procedure Code field to display it. For example, for Medicare, enter M99212 for 99212 with S-Cut M.

In the Description field, provide a description for the Procedure Code, which can be up to 500 characters in length.

If the Insurance Company requires the Procedure Code description to be printed on the HCFA/CMS 1500 Claim Form, check the box labeled Print Description on 1500-Form. Please note that only 59 characters will be printed.

Specify the Type of Procedure Code in the Type field (e.g., Office Visit, Lab, X-Ray).

In the Unit(s) field, enter "1" as the minimum number of units to appear on the claim when this Procedure Code is selected during claim creation. If applicable, check the box labeled $ Per Unit and enter the charge amount per unit.

Note: Leave the Unit(s) field blank if the Procedure Code is for Anesthesia Services.

If you want the bill to be sent to the Patient only and not the Insurance Company, check the box labeled Do Not Bill Insurance (Patient Only). Utilize this feature for services not covered by traditional medical insurance, such as Vitamins, Convenience Items, Massages, Optional Tests, Report Copies, Late Fees, etc.

If you need to add sales tax when billing this Procedure Code, check the box labeled Add Sales Tax % and enter the percentage amount to be added as Sales Tax. This step may not be relevant to your billing type and can be left blank if necessary.

To track the number of Canceled Visits billed to a Patient, check the box labeled Canceled Visit. The Summary tab of the Edit Patient Data Screen will provide information on the total number of Canceled Visits. For more details, please refer to the section titled PATIENTS.

For instances where a Patient fails to cancel or show up to a scheduled visit and a charge needs to be billed, you can create a NO SHOW Procedure Code, such as 99999 (or using the word NOSHOW).