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Other Providers

Other Providers (Referring/Supervising)

From the Top Navigational Menu, select "Set Up", and then "Other Providers".

In the ID Code field, create a code name or number for this Provider which will allow you to identify whom the provider is when the code appears on various screens and reports. For example: John Smith, MD would be coded as SMIJO or SMITH.

  • In the Last Name field, enter the Provider’s Last Name.
  • In the First Name field, enter the Provider’s First Name.
  • In the MI field, enter the Provider’s Middle Initial.
  • In the Title field, enter the Provider’s title or degree (M.D., etc.).

From the menu provided, select the Provider ID number type which matches the type of medical insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Champus, or Commercial) that the Patient who was referred to you by this provider has, and use that Provider number in the field to the right of this box. (For example: if this provider referred to you a Medicare Patient, select Medicare from the menu and then enter the provider’s Medicare ID number in the box to the right.) This number will appear in Box 17A of the HCFA/CMS 1500 Claim Form.

In the NPI field, enter the Provider’s NPI number. This number will appear in Box 17B of the HCFA/CMS 1500 Claim Form.

Enter the Provider’s Address, Zip, City, State, Phone, Fax and Cell numbers in the fields provided.