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1. Rate Fields:

  • Note: This section is pertinent only to the Anesthesia Fee Schedule.
  • Here, you can establish up to five distinct rate 'types' (you can, however, create unlimited individual rates). These can be labeled to suit your requirements, such as 'Commercial' or 'Medicare'. For more details, please consult the Anesthesia section.

2. Patient Account Number (PAN):

  • The Patient Account Number will be visible in Box 26 of the HCFA/CMS 1500 Claim Form.
  • You have two options for devising your patients' account numbers. If you already have an existing account numbering system, All MedPM can be configured to continue utilizing your prior numbering style. Simply choose one of the provided options.

3. Default Area Code:

  • If your practice predominantly uses a single area code, it's recommended to input it in this field.
  • This eliminates the need to repeatedly enter the area code each time a new patient is added.

Utilize these features of All MedPM to streamline your clinic management. These steps are designed to save you time and enhance your efficiency.

Disallowing Future Date of Service

To reduce potential data entry errors, there's an option "Do Not Allow a Future Date of Service". Selecting this box will prevent the system from entering claims that have service dates beyond the claim entry date.

Disallowing Future Date of Service Older Than Set Days

Similarly, you can choose the option "Do Not Allow a Future Date of Service Older than ____ Days". Here, you can restrict claims entry for services dated more than a certain number of days from the present. For instance, you can set this limit to 10 days, 5 days, and so forth.

Adding Fields for Sites

Preventing Claims Consolidation During Printing

If you prefer each individual service date to be printed on separate claims (even though they may have been entered as a single claim), select the box "Don't Consolidate Claims when Printing".