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Payments & Adjustments

Tutorial: Payments and Adjustments in AllMed PM

Welcome to the AllMed PM tutorial! Today, we'll explore the payments and adjustments features within the AllMed PM system. Let's get started:

  1. Accessing Payments and Adjustments
    • Per-Patient View:
      • Click on the database to access the per-patient view.
      • Locate the patient and find the payments and adjustments section.
      • Add transactions for the patient's claims.
    • Sidebar View (Recommended):
      • Click on "Pay to Adjust" in the sidebar for advanced features.
      • Click "Find" to display all patients with open claims.
  2. Key Features in Payments and Adjustments
    • Patient Selection and Claim Details:
      • Click on "First Patient" to select a patient and locate a claim.
      • View individual claims and transaction lines.
      • Detailed transaction information is displayed on the right side.
  3. Recording Payments
    • Add a Payment Transaction:
      • Click "Add" for the selected claim.
      • Enter payment details (date, type, amount).
      • Save the transaction and adjust the balance.
  4. Applying Adjustments
    • Add an Adjustment Transaction:
      • Select the next transaction.
      • Mark it as an adjustment (e.g., write-off).
      • Specify the adjustment type and amount.
      • Save the adjustment to update the patient portion balance.
  5. Payer Types and Transaction Options
    • Payer Types:
      • Primary, secondary, tertiary, independent, patient, and lawyer.
    • Transaction Options:
      • Payment, bill, adjustment, refund, copay, deductible, bill deductible payment, patient responsibility, document, reassign, interest rate, and file.
  6. Customization and Additional Functions
    • Customizing Transaction Types:
      • Define custom transaction types as needed.
    • Payment Methods and Notes:
      • Choose payment methods (check, credit card, cash, EFT).
      • Add notes for explanations or additional information.
    • Handling Multiple Service Lines:
      • Edit details to specify payment amounts per line.
      • Leave details unchecked for total amount display.
  7. Managing a Scenario: Blue Cross Blue Shield Payment
    • Click on "Check" and add payment details (check number, payer, amount).
    • Navigate to the primary payer section and search for Blue Cross Blue Shield.
    • Select the relevant patient (e.g., Ashley) and the corresponding claim.
    • Add primary payment, specify it as a check payment, and enter the amount.
    • Save the payment and apply a write-off adjustment.
    • Repeat the process for other patients (e.g., Rebecca).
  8. Error Correction and Electronic EOBs
    • Correcting Imbalanced Balances:
      • Click on the related check, select "View," and identify the discrepancy.
      • Make the necessary corrections to fix the error.
    • Electronic EOBs (Note: Demo Version):
      • Set up integration with your clearinghouse for electronic EOBs.
      • Log in to your clearinghouse account, download the file.
      • In allMed PM, select "Electronic Payments" to upload the file and generate a report.
      • Contact us for a detailed demonstration and further discussion.
  9. End-of-Day Reporting
    • Generate a comprehensive report summarizing payments and adjustments.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your time and interest in AllMed PM.