Easy Returns: Our Hassle-Free Return Policy

AllMed PM offers a refund for all of its software products, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The product must be returned within 60 days of purchase.
  2. The client must have completed full training and followed the training instructions as directed.
  3. The client must notify AllMed PM LLC in writing (by email or fax) about any specific problems, and allow reasonable time for AllMed to correct the problem.
  4. No product enhancements can have been requested by the client which have either been (a) commenced by AllMed PM or (b) completed by MPMsoft and accepted by the client.

Non-Refundable Returns: Our Policy on Custom Programming and Data Migration Services

All custom programming and data migration services are not eligible for refunds, and any software enhancements made at the client's request will void the return policy.

AllMed PM provides a fully functional evaluation copy of the software for 60 days to allow clients to assess whether the program meets their billing needs before purchasing.

At MPMsoft, we are always open to updating our products to make billing tasks easier and welcome your input!