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Medical Practice Management Software

More Than Just Affordable and Simple Billing Software

Our Bottom Line is Helping You Manage Your Bottom Line
  • Your practice is a business, and it's in an industry where income is continually eroding; where you need ideas that work to optimize your revenue. AllMed PM is a software engineering firm that answers that challenge with affordable solutions.

    AllMed creates practice management software that helps drive the positive growth of your organization, empowering it with intelligence that can significantly improve your revenue cycle management and help you achieve a healthier bottom line.

    In fact, a practice that is billing $1,000,000 annually can expect to increase revenue by 5 to 15% the first year and shorten reimbursement cycles to under two weeks, better enabling you to forecast that revenue. This represents a first year ROI of 15 to 30 times your entire MPM software investment.

    To accomplish this, AllMed PM provides your office staff with a full suite of front office, mid-office, and back office functionality from patient scheduling to billing and coding functions including eligibility verification, electronic claims transmittal, claim status tracking, referrals and authorizations, secondary claim crossover, patient statements, and complete patient accounting combined with comprehensive financial reporting and detailed claim management reports.

    View our revolutionary software in a quick free WEB DEMO, with no obligation to purchase, and learn how AllMed PM can help increase your practice's bottom line.

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Who Needs AllMed PM Medical Billing Software?

  • Practice administrators
  • Medical claims managers
  • Front and back office staff
  • Billing managers
  • Coding and billing staff
  • Reimbursement directors
  • Physician administrators
  • Everyone responsible for any aspect of
    the billing cycle in a healthcare practice
  • AllMed Billing Software will help you to:

  • Improve operational savings through increased efficiency
  • Manage claims every step of the way
  • Use technology to maximize cash flow
  • Organize your medical billing and staff
  • Use technology to enhance claims preparation
  • Eliminate claim errors before they occur
  • Identify and correct non-compliant coding issues
  • Stay current with changing billing and coverage rules
  • Shorten your overall reimbursement cycle
  • Download it and Take it for a 30 Day a Test Drive!

    Book an Online 30 Minute Walkthrough of the program populated with 5000 patient records. Our populated web-demo makes it easier to view essential financial reports like A/R, Patient Statements, Aging Reports, and more..!