Detailed Highlights
For the Last Medical Billing Software You'll Need

If your practice uses the CMS-1500 FORM or UB04 to bill Blue Cross/Shield, Medicare, Medicaid, or Private insurance, Our Medical Billing Software will meet your needs.

Patient Data

  1. Demographics
  2. Field for Cell Phone information and patient's email
  3. A portal point to add claims, view claims, payments & adjustments, Notes and view patients closed claims
  4. Floating Co-Pay, can accept and record Co-Pay and assign it to a visit at a later time

Fee Schedule

  1. Can have multiple fee schedules
  2. Can assign shortcut keys to procedure codes for easy selection


  1. Saves patient last diagnosis code
  2. Can Print/Send claims individually or by batch
  3. Choice to record when insurance/patient was billed
  4. Bill secondary insurance as primary

Payments and Adjustment

  1. Keep track of all types of transactions (Payments, Billed, Co-Pay, Refund, Deductible, and Adjustments)
  2. May record different types of adjustments, all user definable
  3. AllMed PM will automatically assign balance due to patient when primary and secondary payments have been made

Patient Statements

  1. AllMed PM will automatically put all patients on the list that have a balance that is assigned to the patient portion
  2. Users can add claim to Statement List even if they do not show a patient portion
  3. Can print the provider's information in the heading of the company's information
  4. Choose to print when insurance was billed, when payments were received
  5. Choose to print procedure detail or summary
  6. Choose to print total adjustments made


  • Charges: Select to print all Charges filed in during a specific date range. See the number of claims filed a specific date range.
  • Transaction: Print all transactions for a specific date range (Payment received, Adjustments, Co Pays, Deductibles, Refunds). See the total of Accounts Receivables, Year-to-Date totals.
  • Monthly Summary Report: Summary of all types of payments. Summary of all primary/secondary insurance payment. Summary of all visits and new patient visits. Year-to-Date graphs for charges, payments, visits, and new patients.
  • Patient History: View all the patients' visits, procedures, payment history.


  • Providers: Can have unlimited providers
  • To-do List: Can record things to do. When due it will pop up to remind you.
  • Labels: Print address labels for insurance companies and patients.
  • Security: May have unlimited users, each with their own password and different levels of security.

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