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Medical billing software from ProHealth Billing offers a free trial. ICD-10 compliant, ProHealthBilling offers modeules and easily upgrades to a full EHR software. For more information, please contact: ProHealthBilling 860F Napa Valley Corporate Way Napa, CA 94558 Phone: (877) 233-0788 Fax: 888-283-1106 [email protected]


Medical claims and billing software typically will handle every aspect of patient accounting including electronic claims processing, payments & adjustments, patient statements, and financial reporting. Other programs can range from a base of just under $696 for general billing software [generic CMS 1500 software], to over $8000 for a program that offers a specialty specific EMR. Cost is typically based on how many licensed providers the program tracks, and/or how many PCs [users] the software will be licensed for.


Apart from establishing a budget, putting together a list of “must haves” and “don’t wants” will get you closer to narrowing down the field so you can look at individual programs. An easy way to accomplish this is to get a consensus from your staff of likes and dislikes of key features in your present software. Continue to sharpen this list as you evaluate each new program. For cost comparison’s sake, take notes on specific features and the cost associated with them. Software companies like to keep their prices shrouded in mystery, so you have to be specific about the precise cost of each feature; for instance, the ability to network, electronic billing, reporting, scheduling

Is the program specifically for Medical, Physical Therapy, or Chiropractic?

Yes, AllMed PM has been customized for approximately fifty health specialties. It's Billing & Scheduling software that is used by almost every medical specialty. AllMed PM is ideal for all licensed healthcare givers who bill Medicare or private insurance on the CMS 1500 Form, or for medical billers who bill for different types of specialties 

How Is AllMed PM Different From an EMR?

Many practices are more familiar with EMR’s (electronic medical records), which deal with the clinical aspects of charting a patient's treatment but that may also contain a billing system. EMR's are typically far more expensive than 'stand alone' billing programs like ours (or Lytec, Medisoft, Medical Manager, etc.), and EMRs typically cost upwards of $10,000 per physician. An EMR normally runs on an expensive server that requires the oversight of a system administrator. In contrast, a stand alone billing software can cost ten time less (typically $1,000 per physician) and can typically run as a simple desktop application. Billing systems do heavy duty work for next to nothing, are highly overlooked and under appreciated, but are the backbone of the office as they allow the practice to get paid.

We’ve found that many practices already have an expensive EMR and the biller hates the way it bills, so they’re not looking for a $20,000 charting solution. They just want an simple and inexpensive billing solution.

Is this program web-based?

 It's a desktop application But we can put it on a cloud top access from anywhere with any device . It's similar to 'Quicken', but made specifically for claim management and patient billing. And like any other desktop application.

What type of computer do I need?

AllMed PM will run fine on a server, but it does not require one. It runs great on an ordinary computer or laptop with a 32bit or 64 bit Processor and about 8GB of memory.

Are there monthly fees?

Our software has annual cost associated with it (annual support and update are a requirement). Our clearinghouse has monthly fees associated with it If you put AllMed PM on the cloud, there are monthly fees associated with it. Find Out More

What clearinghouse do you go through (and how much is it)?

You can go through any clearinghouse, any fees would be between you and the clearinghouse, we do not charge for electronic claims

What is a clearinghouse?

A clearinghouse facilitates the transmittal of electronic claims to thousands of insurance payers. Most practices will out of necessity eventually need a clearinghouse for electronic billing as it’s infeasible for a practice to go direct to more than a one or two payers (most popular Medicare, BlueCross).AllMed PM Billing Software creates the electronic file, then it's routed to more than 3000 separate insurance carriers by a clearinghouse. Additionally, a clearinghouse gives a biller a single location to manage all their claims, via an online control panel (much like how online checking can organize your checking activity).

Do you have sales representatives here in our local area?

No, we are the makers of the software and sell it direct. We do all of our sales, training and support over the internet and by telephone using remote login software; and it’s like we’re right there in the room with you

Why are your prices so low?

Our software is reasonably priced from $498 to $2,100 depending on the size of the practice. Unlike other billing software, we charge per users, you can have unlimited providers. We are the actual software developer, so when you eliminate local retail vendors, you save several thousand in markups and sales commissions; additionally, we do all our training and support (via the internet), again saving you thousands.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2006, AllMed PM is an offshoot of MD Medical Services, a medical billing company that has been serving local physicians for over 25 years, AllMed PM started development in 2003 (MPMsoft.com) when founder Jim Muschetti desired to meet the wider needs and more complex billing issues faced by medical practices and billing services nationwide. Today AllMed PM provides exceptional U.S. based training and software support to over 4200 users spread across fifty states, representing over thirty medical specialties. AllMed PM supports several dozen clearinghouses and is able to transmit electronic claims seamlessly to over 3000 insurance payers nationwide.

What do we do with our 6000 existing patients in our existing medical billing software system?

We offer experienced data-migration from over 300 source systems, but there’s an additional expense here. Most people simply start from scratch and there’s a several month transition. If you decide you need it, data conversion can range from free to $500

How much are software updates?

Extremely low (we keep them as low as possible). Software updates are an annual flat fee of $798 per year for a 5 user system. This cost is all inclusive giving you all updates for an entire 12 months, and includes live technical support and billing support.

How good is your support?

Next to the simplicity of the software and it's affordable price, our support may be the single strongest reason people buy our software. People love our software, but they really love our support.

What would you say your competitive advantages are over other medical billing software's?

In summary, AllMed PM is:

a.) Extremely user friendly, intuitive and easy to learn. Easy to train office staff.

b.) Native to Windows. AllMed PM looks and feels liked Windows. It shares same shortcuts. It's fast. You can “tab through” entire program (or use a mouse) and have multiple windows open at once. ..Get anywhere in a single click.

c.) Affordable! Other billing software is expensive compared to AllMed, which offers a complete multi-user electronic billing system for under $2,400.

d.) Lowest Cost of Ownership. Most of the best known billing software programs have costly upgrades ranging from $1200 to $2200 every time you need an update. In contrast, AllMed's upgrades are affordable and fixed cost.

e.) Quality Support. We are the makers of the software, and all our training and support is done in house by seasoned support staff who are each an experienced biller. They are highly skilled and are able to help you in every billing need, insuring you the highest quality support. This is in sharp contrast to other well known billing programs that charge a ton of money for often horrible support (when support can even be reached at all); AllMed in contrast offers wonderful training and support, and it's included in the cost of the program.

How does AllMed PM compare on 'cost of ownership'” over 2-3 years?

1.) Our program will save you thousands over Medisoft, Kareo, or Medical-Manager in the first 2 years alone. This savings will be experienced in three categories:

a). Low initial cost. Low annual updates.
b.) Shorter reimbursement cycles (faster payments with electronic billing).
c.) Better reporting (more control over aging receivables).
d.) All translating to more time spent with PATIENTS, and more MONEY coming in the door.

2.) The second way AllMed PM saves you money is by eliminating the need for an expensive “server” and network infrastructure

a. Use an ordinary PC’s on a simple network.
b. Results in an improved bottom line due to less money being spent on equipment, network administration and technical support.

3.) The third way AllMed saves money is in training. AllMed is a bread and butter windows application. It’s native to windows. It’s just like QuickBooks, Quicken, or TurboTax but made for patient billing. The program is so simple, that anyone who can use a computer can bill using our software. So savings is experienced in:

a. Greatly reduced cost of training
b. Complete training and support is included with the purchase of the software.

Book an Online 30 Minute Walkthrough of the program populated with 5000 patient records. Our populated web-demo makes it easier to view essential financial reports like A/R, Patient Statements, Aging Reports, and more..!