• Track Multiple Facilities & Providers
  • Complete ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes
  • Complete CPT Procedural Codes  
  • Drastically Lower Cost of Ownership!
  • Save Thousands Compared to Lytec & Medisoft.
  • Have a basic knowledge of Windows? Be up and running in 1 hour!
  • Create a patient record in less than a minute, file a medical claim in one click!
  • FLEXIBLE with many user definable features
  • Quickly customize most important features like scheduling, patient statements, fee rates, and payments and adjustments - electronic medical billing made easy!
  • 5 levels of security. Print the CMS 1500 Form, or send claims electronically.
  • Dozens of useful and easy to read reports. Clear, attractive patient statements
  • LOWEST COST for a Complete Multi-User Electronic Medical Billing Solution for Practice Management, Solo Clinicians, and Medical Billing Services.

LEADING EDGE Medical Billing Software For Windows

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AllMed PM has been customized for approximately fifty health specialties. It's Billing & scheduling software that is used by almost every medical specialty. AllMed PM is ideal for all licensed healthcare givers who bill Medicare or private insurance on the CMS 1500 Form.

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Here’s what people are saying about AllMed PM

Christian K.

Medical Biller

Support is what really stands out

Software is very easy, no problem, but the support is what really separates them from others.

Charlotte Schmitt

Physical Therapist

I love how easy it is to files claims

I have been with AllMed for years, back when they were called MPMsoft.  Their reports are pretty good, they have a lot of little features that make my life easier.

Marie Reyes

Office Manager

Made me a expert medical biller

I knew nothing about medical billing. I learned using Pro Health Billing (now AllMed PM) It was too easy to learn, and Maribel is the best support!


Unlimited Providers, Only Pay for Users!

Are You ready for the last medical billing software you'll need?
If your practice uses the CMS-1500 FORM or UB04 to bill Blue Cross/Shield,
Medicare, Medicaid, or Private insurance, Our Medical Billing Software will meet your
needs. With unlimited providers with all different specialties, it will be the last medical billing software you'll need

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Unlimited Providers

Almost all practice management systems charge per provider, even for those providers that work a few hours a month.

AllMed charges per user and per computer (installation). You can have unlimited providers with all different types of specialties all in one medical billing software, CMS-1500 and the UB04

USA Support

All our training and support is done in house by seasoned support staff who are each an experienced biller. They are highly skilled and are able to help you in every billing need, insuring you the highest quality support.

AllMed PM's wonderful training and support is included in the cost of the program.

Intuitively Simple

Native to Windows. AllMed PM looks and feels liked Windows. It shares same shortcuts. It's fast. You can “tab through” entire program (or use a mouse) and have multiple windows open at once.

Get anywhere in a single click. File claims from several different places, copy last claim in 1 click!

 Flexibility You Need to Grow Your Business

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Unlimited $598 a Year
Unlimited Providers
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Computers

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