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AllMed PM Medical Billers SOFTWARE

If You Can Use a Computer, You Can Bill using AllMed PM

AllMed Medical Billers billing software offers a familiar, easy to use Windows interface that seamlessly integrates appointment scheduling, patient demographics, electronic claims processing and patient billing, complete patient accounting, with comprehensive financial reporting;

AllMed PM Provides a complete suite of integrated tools that contain all the financial, clinical, and operational elements needed to run a well managed billing office;

AllMed PM Is designed to meet the needs of a growing medical billing office; it's completely scalable so you never have to re-purchase as you grow;

AllMed PM s upgrades are affordable and fixed cost.

Unlimited Providers Only pay for users!  AllMed grows as you grow

Most of all, the medical billers who have to
use the software on a daily basis – love it the most!


  • Process claims individually, or in batch
  • Dozens of easy to understand reports
  • Track payments and adjustments
  • Track Insurance History
  • Easily re-open closed claims
  • Daily and monthly balancing
  • Scan ID cards and intake forms into program.
  • Many Clearinghouses to choose from
  • Attorney and Personal Injury Billing

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The bottom line

REDUCE your billing time by 50% to 75% and have claims paid regularly in under ten days.

AllMed Allows you to quickly customize most important features such as patient statements, fee rates, billing, and payments and adjustments. It has everything you need to perfectly fill the CMS-1500 form, handle electronic claims, produce clear concise patient statements (with user-definable messages), track payments by type (cash, check, or credit card), and produce daily reminders.

The bottom line? If you're looking for great software with awesome software support, then "Welcome to AllMed PM". Call now and request a 'web demonstration' and inquire about more software packages and pricing.

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