Significantly helps

improve your medical billing!

Medical Billing Highlights

Medical Billing Easy to Learn and Use
1. All forms are only one or two clicks away
2. Nice big buttons for forms used daily (Schedules, Patients, add claims, view claims, payments and adjustments)
3. Smart fields for easy data entry (City, state and zip code database, auto finish fields and shortcut keys)

Patient Database
1. Easy sort and find options
2. Demographics, insurance data, Lawyer info and emails
3. Keep Notes per patient
4. Easy to lookup patient’s closed claims and current claims

Insurance Billing
1. Paper claims, the HCFA-1500 and UB04 form(s)
2. Electronic Claims

Patient Statements
1. Flexibility on items to print or not (Insurance billed, payments received, adjustments) etc.
2. User definable messages on bottom of statements for current, 30, 60 and 90 days late

Patient Scheduling
1. Easy maneuvering between providers and days
2. Flexible scheduling for multiple providers
3. Find Patient schedule and find open slot options
4. Keep notes per appointment
5. Add, send mobile schedule text reminders

Payments and Adjustments
1. Keep track of payments, adjustments, refunds, co-pay’s and deductibles
2. User definable adjustments

1. Many different reports with user definable date range
2. Aging, Charges, Transaction, Monthly Summary, Payments and Adjustments, etc.

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